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Studying ICT - Software Engineering at Saxion

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Sandra Krevová is a first-year student in Information and Communication Technology - Software Engineering at Saxion. She comes from Slovakia and tells about her first year so far.

What do you want to become, and what career are you building?

I would love to become a software developer. A software developer thinks not only about code but is also responsible for the requirement and the culture of the company. I like to think behind the code. I would like to focus on frontend development and web applications with Vue.js and JavaScript. But I am not sure yet because backend and databases are also very interesting to me.

During the first year of the Bachelor's programme in ICT - Software Engineering, we learn about front-end and back-end development, databases and user interface. I am just trying to learn about everything so far, and that’s what the first year is for. We also learn all about gathering and analysing requirements, and about no-code applications. This first year shows the students every option there is and we can choose a speciality later on.

How is it to study ICT at Saxion?

We study in small groups and the contact between teachers and students is informal. This is the main difference with Slovakia, and why I chose to study in the Netherlands. At Saxion we study in small teams and can ask questions directly to teachers. There is space for students to ask questions and space for teachers to give feedback. The approach is completely different from where I come from. It is more friendly and personal. The teachers are stimulating us students to be interested and to ask questions. When I have a problem, I can write them an email and I will always get a reply. This approach friendly atmosphere and personal guidance are what suit me the best.

Do you know that Saxion is a University of Applied Sciences?

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How did you come to choose Saxion?

I participated in a Digital Discovery Day of Saxion. I could follow the livestreams where the teachers explain in detail the study programmes. I could ask my questions during the livestreams and get all the info I needed. It helped me to feel the place from my home in Slovakia. I also saw on Instagram a live campus tour. I could see the school and it helped me to feel the atmosphere, visualise the space and trust my feelings about the place. Then I watched Youtube videos about life in the Netherlands and practical matters.

How does it feel to be a woman studying ICT?

In my class, we are four women and about twenty men. I know that it might feel overwhelming for other women but in my case I feel that we have a balance in the class. We respect each other. Gender equality is important in the Netherlands and at Saxion especially. During high school in Slovakia, I was studying ICT and I felt more of a difference: there were jokes and comments about the girls in the class.

Don’t make assumptions that you cannot do something, but instead take the steps to get where you want to go. I promise, it’s all about discipline and trusting yourself.

Sandra Krevová

What is the main struggle you encountered so far?

Everyone has different laptops, programmes and versions of everything, so it is sometimes hard to align. For instance, a tutorial would be made for Mac but would have a different application for Windows. Then we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to work with this resource with the stack we have.

What do you like the most about your study programme?

Definitely teamwork. We had a module about game development and the students were divided into groups of four. We worked on a game with everything that comes with it: programming but also time management and communication. Learning to work in a team is a crucial skill to work in ICT, and Saxion offers that type of approach as a higher vocational school. Before joining the study programme, I did not realise how important this skill was.  

What piece of advice would you give to future students in ICT?

Don’t make assumptions that you cannot do something, but instead take the steps to get where you want to go. I promise, it’s all about discipline and trusting yourself.

Portrait of Noemie Villard

Noémie Villard

Noémie is a Creative Content Specialist at Saxion, with special attention to international students.

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