Take a master’s degree after your bachelor degree? This is how you can do it!

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Did you graduate recently from Saxion or have you almost finished your studies and do you already know that you want to continue learning? Consider taking a master’s degree! Why choose a master’s degree and what are the possibilities? Read this article to find out.

Why should you take a master’s degree?

Following a master’s degree doesn’t just broaden your horizons, you will also be responding to our society’s great need for professionals who are able to connect thoughts and actions.

The master’s programme at Saxion focuses on making this connection. Our applied master’s degree programmes are practice-oriented - you will devise and apply new techniques.

After you have gained your internationally recognised degree, your career will get off to a flying start.

Advantages of a master’s degree

As we have already said, taking a master’s degree will broaden your horizons, both personally and professionally. You will learn more about yourself and your key qualities and how you can use them in your chosen profession. The extra knowledge and skills you gain during the master’s degree programme will make you stand out as the leading specialist in your profession. After obtaining your master’s degree, you will be able to play a key role within an organisation by devising and implementing improvements.

Starting a master’s degree

Now that you’ve read all the information above, you probably can’t wait to enrol in a master’s degree programme. But when can and may you do this?

You can start a master’s programme if you have obtained an applied bachelor’s degree (HBO) or an academic bachelor’s degree (WO). It is important that your bachelor’s degree matches the field of study of the master’s degree you want to follow. You may also need to gain work experience before you start a master’s programme. If you are already working in a particular professional field and you wish to further your knowledge, you can take a part-time master’s degree alongside your work. This way you can immediately apply your knowledge in practice.

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Or would you rather take an academic master’s degree?

At Saxion, you can take an applied master’s degree, but you can also choose to take an academic master’s degree. But what is the difference?

An applied master’s degree is more practical and professionally focused, whereas an academic master’s degree focuses on conducting research with the aim of training your analytical and research skills.

From HBO bachelor’s degree to academic master's degree

If you decide to enrol in an academic master's degree programme after you have obtained your bachelor’s degree, please note that you will nearly always have to follow a transition programme. This is because a HBO bachelor’s degree programme does not tie in seamlessly with an academic master’s degree. An academic master’s degree programme places much emphasis on analytical skills, whereas an applied master’s degree focuses more on professional practice.

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