Rainbow-coloured Saxion building during Rainbow Days Enschede 2023

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The spotlight is firmly on diversity from Friday, 6 October to Friday, 13 October in Enschede in the context of Coming Out Day. Saxion also participates: the Epy Drost building will be illuminated in rainbow colours all week. There will be numerous events to attend.

Pride Symposium ‘Wellbeing and Joy’
On Wednesday, 11 October between 12.00h and 16.30h Saxion organises a Pride Symposium ‘Wellbeing and Joy’ in collaboration with University of Twente at the Design Lab of the University of Twente. The symposium will focus on the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people, as well as what universities and businesses can do to make a positive contribution to wellbeing:

Visiting the symposium is free, although we do kindly ask you to sign up in advance. You can do this via the website of University of Twente:

Pride Walk
On Sunday, 8 October a Pride Walk is being held with the longest rainbow flag in the Netherlands. The walk starts at 15.00h at Saxion on the M.H. Tromplaan in Enschede. You will walk together as part of a colourful procession through Enschede city centre. The Pride Walk ends at Café Stonewall, where you can linger for a chat:

Enschede Rainbow Days 2023
Would you like to see the complete programme for the Rainbow Days in Enschede? Check out the Rainbow Days website:

Photography: Tessa Wiegerinck

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