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Frequently asked questions about International Business

In our International Business degree programme we give students the opportunity to get acquainted with conscious business in addition to the traditional business models, in an educational environment where there is contact with real companies from the first week of lectures onwards. If you, as a future manager or entrepreneur, would like to become more aware of the consequences of every decision for people, planet and profit, please visit for more information.

A good command of the English language is important. This includes oral, writing, reading and listening skills. It is good to know that more is asked of the writing and oral skills in the International Business degree programme.

No, you will choose your final track after six months. During the first half year, the programme offers you orientation modules to prepare you well for making a choice. At the start of the second semester, you will then start with the subjects that belong to the track you have chosen.

Last year we had 35 different nationalities within our student population and the percentage of international students was 40% and the percentage of students from the Netherlands was 60%.

Last year 85% of the graduates found a job within 3 months after graduation.

Last year the drop-out rate was about 30-35% of the students who started in September.

The International Business degree programme will not offer work placement companies, because it is important for the student to find a company that best suits his or her interests. Until now, all students have always managed to find a suitable work placement company.

The International Business School currently has 80 partner schools. The International Business School currently has 55 partner universities in Europe and 25 outside Europe. Some of the countries where you could study: Scotland, Chile, South Korea, France, United States, New Zealand, Germany, Spain and Norway.

Yes, financial support is possible from the Erasmus fund, for example for an internship and/or study abroad. More information is available at

Yes, for more information see

Yes, a non-Dutch student may stay a maximum of two semesters in a country where the language of instruction is equal to the mother tongue.

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