Planning to enrol in the degree programme International Finance & Accounting (IFA) at Saxion in September and want to know what it’s like to study at Saxion? You can check the website where IFA students share their experiences with the programme. On this website you can ask them anything! To complete the picture, you are also invited to check out our video clips about the teaching and the facilities at Saxion!

Intake interview

The intake interview is a mandatory part of your application for the bachelor's program in International Finance and Accounting. You will receive a message from the School of Finance and International Business, followed by an MS Teams invitation. Please accept this invitation. On the day of the interview, you can click on 'Participate' in the MS Teams agenda. The intake interviews generally take place every Thursday. After the interview our student registration will be notified about the outcome and if you can continue with the application process. The interview is compulsory, otherwise your registration will be canceled. We look forward to meeting you!