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Your new international student life isn't only about studying. It's also about discovering and living in a new city, exploring a new culture and meeting new people. Find out more what's it like to life in Deventer as an international student.

Deventer as a city for international students

Kaloian Arnaudov is originally from Bulgaria, but he moved a few years ago for his study programme Tourism Management to Deventer. ''Deventer is located in the province of Overijssel (a Dutch region) and the second biggest campus of Saxion is located here. The city has around 120 000 citizens, but in general it feels like one of the most peaceful and beautiful cities you can visit.''

Student city 

''Around 20 000 inhabitants living here are students and it makes it a great student city. Having a bike is a big advantage as you can travel almost everywhere for not more than 10 minutes. You can find supermarkets, bars, clubs, restaurants, the cinema, the gym and nature at either walking distance or biking distance. Yes, the Dutchies like to rather think in biking distance than in walking distance ;)''

Student housing 

''I lived in a student housing accomodation in my first year in the Netherlands and I highly recommend it to new students. By doing so, you will create a huge network of national and international students. Later on, I lived in different locations every year and I moved a lot, so prepare for that.'' 


I would say that the student life in Deventer in general is based on fast tempo experiences and what I mean by that is that you can do so many activities in a day. It can vary from playing football in the morning then going to the river to relax with friends and then moving to the city center for dinner, and of course party later in the day. I would call Deventer an activity-based city and the more people you meet, the better it becomes as you will pack your days with not only studying, but having a great time.

Calm and exciting 

''All of the restaurants, bars and clubs are located in the square (called the Brink) and that allows you to do a pub crawl for example. The nightlife is not like it would be in Amsterdam, but having a good group of friends creates an unforgettable night. If you like a city that could be calm and exciting at the same time, Deventer is a great choice as you would never be bored.''