Tourism Management

Are you going to shake things up in the world of tourism?

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    4 Years

  • Tuition fee (EU/EEA students)

    € 2.530 per year

  • Tuition fee (NON-EU students)

    € 8.600 per year

You will explore other cultures and countries in an international setting, learn how to transform a location into a popular tourist destination and create commercial products that appeal to tourists! You will become an expert in destination development, event management, hospitality and responsible tourism.

Study in the Netherlands - Business & Research

Individual attention and a study career counsellor

The study career counsellor is there to coach and advise you on any academic or personal issues you might face during your time at Saxion. Our lecturers are also happy to help you in any way they can and would be happy to make time for you.


Discover the world of Tourism Management

You will develop a broad understanding of all aspects of this sector, so that you have a wide variety of careers to choose from. To this end, you will work on projects and resolve issues, but also take up internships with hotels, travel agencies, marketing agencies and events agencies, in both the Netherlands and far-off exotic locations!

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Study trips, excursions and projects

You will gain insight into the professional field, as our programme organises incredible study trips abroad and inspiring guest lectures and excursions. Not only that, you will be working for real clients in the tourism sector! You can start to build a professional network of contacts from the minute you start your degree.


Use technology to create an unforgettable experience

Launch a virtual reality app that gives tourists a preview of the destination they are planning to travel to, or design an app that assists them on their holiday. Learn to cater to your target group’s needs and use smart digital tools to create unforgettable experiences. Discover what technology can do for the tourism sector in terms of enhancing client experiences. You come up with a plan and an end product, others will design it.

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During your studies in Tourism Management

The Tourism Management programme relates directly to issues and developments within the industry. You will work on real life business cases and learn to recognize opportunities, taking into account both people and nature. You will know exactly what travelers want, how you create the best experience for them and how you provide hospitable service.

Course content

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After graduating with a Bachelor in Tourism Management

Tourism is changing rapidly. Traditional positions such as product manager at a tour operator or staff member at a resort still exist. But there are plenty of new opportunities in many different areas. You could be hired by local councils or consultancy agencies to redevelop regions. You could also start your own business, work for one of the innovators in the industry or for an online platform.

Career prospects
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Your student life in the city of Deventer

Hanseatic city, Koekstad, Boekenstad, but of course the most important: student city. The narrow streets with nice boutiques and the Brink make Deventer very cozy. It is a city where you are quickly known, but where there is always something new to discover.
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