Career prospects

Tourism is one of the world’s largest sectors The 2017 UNWTO report revealed that this sector accounted for 10% of the global GDP and was responsible for generating one in ten jobs. A Tourism Management degree can be seen as a ticket to a wide range of exciting careers.

Job opportunities in Tourism Management​

The options are endless: you could become a hospitality manager for an airline, an independent travel advisor, a product manager for an online travel organisation, a holiday resort manager, a marketing or customer experience consultant for an agency, a government tourism advisor or an entrepreneur who shakes up the industry. Tourism Management graduates will also easily secure jobs at some of the relatively new organisations, offering online platforms, such as Airbnb or Skyscanner.

In short, Tourism Management graduates are highly valued in roles where particular target groups need to be reached, and where hospitality and technological know-how are essential skills, both inside and outside the tourism sector!

To put a city or region on the map you connect parties such as entrepreneurs, governments and associations. You ensure that activities and events in the field of culture, recreation, catering and tourism are successfully developed. You research and advise on possible target groups and on their needs and wishes. You also take into account the residents and the natural surroundings.

As a city marketer you market a city, city district or municipality. You have a lot of contact with residents, retailers and catering and tourism entrepreneurs. You know exactly what is going on in the city and what is needed. You change or reinforce the existing image by setting up all kinds of activities and campaigns to attract more visitors. You work closely with the municipality, event and marketing organizations.

As a product manager you are responsible for developing and putting together holidays for (online) travel organizations. You decide on all aspects of a trip, such as transport, accommodation, entertainment and price. You take into account the competition, supply and demand and the culture of the destination. You work with (international) local partners and purchasing and communication departments.

Of course you can also become an independent travel advisor, consultant or entrepreneur. Or find a job at one of the relatively new companies that offer online platforms where the traveler can compare prices and book their holiday directly, without using a travel company. For example a data analyst.

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What are your chances of finding a job?

Your degree in Tourism Management is your ticket to a wide range of interesting jobs in travel organizations, the public sector and consultancy agencies. The percentage of students finding a suitable job within 1.5 years after graduation is: 

Tourism Management 71%
Hotel Management 60%
Facility Management 83%
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Further education

Would you like to continue your studies after the Tourism Management degree programme? You can choose from various master programmes focused on, for example, business, management studies or a specialization within tourism. 

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