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The success of your studies also depends on the quality of your student life. So, what's it like to live as an international student in Deventer? What kind of activities are there? You can read all about it on this page!

Deventer for international students

Who better than an international student can tell you more about Deventer as a city for international students? Skaiste is a Tourism Management student from Lithuania and takes you on a one-minute-tour through Deventer. 

  • Deventer is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The city has a medieval town quarter and the houses display typical Dutch architecture.
  • Deventer is ideally located. From Deventer, it is possible to reach Amsterdam by direct train in 1h20 or be in Germany in less than an hour by car. Public transport is very efficient in the Netherlands so you can reach other cities by train easily.
  • In Deventer, you can find a large range of shops. Whether you like to shop in chain stores or visit more alternative boutiques and second-hand shops, you will certainly find what you need!
  • Nature is around the corner!  In Deventer flows the river 'IJssel', and locals like to go out for a walk at the banks or even swim during warm summer days.  
Discover Deventer

Deventer is a pleasant city to build up your new student life, partially due to the growing international community. The historic city is full of charm, with all the necessary shops, bars and restaurants and nature nearby.

Saxion has housing accommodation in Deventer for all of our first-year international students! After your first year, you can search for a room or studio in an (international) student accommodation. Saxion works with trusted partners such as: 

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The Saxion campus in Deventer is located in the centre and within walking distance from the train station. 

The striking architecture, designed by the Dutch architect Paul Dirks and the special location, a few minutes from the old town, the city centre and the arts centre, are all ingredients that make this an exceptional learning environment. Check out the video discover the Saxion campus in Deventer!

The city is known for its festive activities. Whether you think of music festivals, summer fun fairs, street theatre festivals or cultural events, Deventer has everything, even the biggest annual book market in Europe! Deventer is also famous for hosting the Dickens Festival, which takes you back in time in a Christmas Carol atmosphere. Deventer is definitely a vibrant city when it comes down to organising activities and events. 

There is also a large choice of bars, restaurants and clubs all year long. Taste beers at De Heks or at the local brewery Davo, go dance to De Hip or enjoy a concert at the venue Burgerweeshuis.

City Walk map of Deventer
Deventer festival.jpg

If you like a city that could be calm and exciting at the same time, Deventer is a great choice as you would never be bored.

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