Starters Information

We look forward to welcoming you to Saxion University of Applied Sciences. You have chosen to study Tourism Management. On this page you will find all the important information for a great start at Saxion!

Classes will start on Monday 2 September 2019. Your schedule will be available online at in August. Please check all schedules, so you will have an idea about subjects and times on the first day of your study. You will receive detailed information upon arrival at Saxion University. 

My Saxion

On you will find all the tools you need for your studies at Saxion. You can find the following on MySaxion:

  • Your timetable and changes to your timetable;
  • Information about exams;
  • Your most recent e-mails, grades and Bison and Blackboard announcements;
  • Who’s who: easily search for a lecturer or fellow student;
  • Information about your degree programme and Saxion's facilities;
  • Urgent notices and news

The booklist for your study will be available around July at studystore.

Welcome to the Saxion Hospitality Business School! 

After the summer, you will start the Tourism Management (TM) programme at the Hospitality Business School (HBS). On Tuesday 27 August, you are more than welcome at Saxion in Deventer where you will meet your study career counsellor and -of course- your class mates.  

The new academic year starts on Monday 2 September.  

Not a first year student? 
The information on this webpage is aimed at First Year students only, which means that it is not applicable to exchange students and international students starting in the second, third or fourth (final) year. You will receive all the information you need in a digital newsletter. 

In case you have questions about the Saxion introduction week or other questions related to the start of your studies, you can contact the Front Office of the HBS. You can reach them by telephone +31 (0)88 - 019 3410 or by sending an email to

Because of the holidays the HBS Front Office is closed from Monday 22 July until Friday 9 August. 

Programme Tuesday 27 August 

We would like to get to know you before the official course weeks begin. You are more than welcome in the central hall of Saxion Deventer on Tuesday morning 27 August at 10.15. During this morning, you will meet your class mates and your study career counsellor. After lunch (free of charge) we will look forward to the first course week (kick-off week) and we will inform you about several important Saxion procedures. For example how to register for tests, how to find your schedule and where you can find your course materials. The day will end at approximately 14.30 hours. Together with your classmates you will then be able to register for the HOI 2019 that will start a day later.  

Introduction of Saxion International Office 

At the end of the programme on Tuesday 27 August we ask all international students to stay for an introduction of Saxion International Office. This introduction starts at 14.30 hours. During this introduction you will get information about housing and immigration issues. 

On Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th of August the Saxion HOI introduction will take place. This introduction is for every first year student from Saxion and it is not mandatory. The HOI introduction is a great opportunity to get to know the city, the student life and to meet students from other studies. More information about this can be found here

This introduction is highly recommended! If you want to participate, don’t forget to register on Monday the 26th or Tuesday the 27th of August. 

Contact HBS Front Office 

Do you have questions about the Saxion introduction week or the Tourism Management programme in general, then please contact the Front Office of the HBS.  

During the holiday period, Monday 22 July until Monday 12 August, the HBS Front Office will be closed. 

Kick-off week: course week 1 

The first course week of the academic year is the kick-off week. The kick-off week is part of the first-year module Reflective Practitioner which centers around personal development. Your participation this week is essential for this module. This means that your participation is required – if you do not participate, you will not be able to pass the module. During the kick-off, you will learn where your talents, qualities and skills lie. You will also find out what you are curious about and what inspires you in the travel industry. A fun and inspiring week to start your studies!  

During the kick-off week you will be visiting different companies together with all the Tourism Management students where food and drinks will be provided for. The costs for this excursion are 25 euros and will be collected digitally. You will receive an e-mail with a payment link during the first week of classes.  

Special circumstances? 
If you are not able to participate in the excursion, we will offer you an alternative at a later stage during the academic year. You will receive an alternative assignment with the same study load that you will fulfill in your own time. This way, you will achieve the same goals of the excursion and you are able to collect the credits of Reflective Practitioner. If you are not joining the excursion, please send an e-mail to with a clear and valid reason.

Language choice

Within the TM programme you have, besides the mandatory English, the choice out of 5 modern foreign languages: French, Dutch, German, Spanish or Chinese. To make the right choice, you find information including a choice form here  Please make your choice before the 8th of July! 

Dress code during occasions

In the hospitality sector it is highly valuated to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Every programme of HBS has its own dress code. You do not have to purchase any clothing yet! You will receive more information about this during the first course week (kick-off week).  

School activities and related costs

Studying is expensive. We would like to inform you as well as we can about this. Click here to find an overview of costs that you may expect.

5 tips om de HOI te overleven

The HOI-week: meet new students and explore the city during the introduction of Saxion!

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