Career prospects

Twente, the dynamic region in which Enschede is situated, is a hotspot for high-tech businesses in the Netherlands. Nano-technology is one of the driving forces for this growth and generates an increasing number of jobs in the Netherlands, particularly in the Twente region. As a consequence the region boasts impressive facilities and expertise in this subject. Saxion works closely with the University of Twente, public sector partners and numerous nanotechnology-based companies and thus provides our graduates with an excellent platform to enter the job market.

A career in nanotechnology

As a graduate of the Applied Nanotechnology Master's programme, you have the skills and knowledge to find employment in a range of technical positions within, but not limited to, the micro- and nanotechnological domain. As a member of an R&D-team of a start-up, a crossover or a knowledge institution, typical tasks include developing new products, exploring and/or conquering new markets or, designing new applications. If you aspire a business-facing position, our Master’s programme will give you the qualifications to fully utilize your technical know-how to market innovative applications and customize them to the customers specifications and desires. Examples of typical professions for our graduates are:

In this role your main task is to develop specific applications for a product, for example a sensor to detect fireworks at the entrance of football-stadiums.

Your role is to convert a set of wishes of the customer into a new nanotechnological-based product. Subtasks may include building and testing prototypes and designing the production process.

As a project engineer, you will be working on projects with the purpose of delivering functional nano- / microtechnological products that meet the requirements set by both market and modern-day society.

The main task for a research & development engineer is performing applied-research-based projects, eventually leading to a marketable and profitable product.

Student Nanotechnology aan het werk