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Next to knowledge extension in the field of a.o. financial management, general management and human resource management, the programme enables you to improve your personal performance. For example the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, using a broad range of media. Curiosity and the need to acquire knowledge are basic conditions for successful participation.

THE programme:​Learning objectives

  • Developing awareness of current issues in business and understanding of organisations, their place in the business world and how they are managed
  • Providing awareness of current issues in business and management that is informed by leading-edge research and practice in the field
  • Improving to acquire and analyse data to evaluate their relevance and validity
  • Developing your ability to apply relevant knowledge to a range of complex situations, taking account of how this relates to other areas of the business or organisation.

  • ​Scholarship in Business (30 UK Credits)
  • Responsible Leadership and Development (15 UK Credits)
  • Financial Management (15 UK Credits)
  • Business Project (Proposal phase)* 

  • Business Project (continuation Proposal phase)*             
  • Integrated Operations Management (30 UK Credits)                        
  • Strategy & Business Decision Making (30 UK Credits)                      
  • Creative Problem Solving & Consultancy Project (15 UK Credits) 

  • Business Project (executions phase for Dissertation) (45 credits)
  • * Officially the Research Methods course is part of the Business Project. Hence, credits are only awarded after finishing the entire Business Project.

Degree: Master of Arts

Upon graduation, you will receive a Master of Arts (MA) in Management. This is an internationally recognized British degree, as the programme is in co-operation with the University of Greenwich