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Your studies are important, but you're probably also curious about what the city of Apeldoorn has to offer. If you will be studying Hotel Management, your Saxion location will be Apeldoorn. So, what's it like to live as an international student in Apeldoorn? What kind of activities are there? You can read all about it all on this page.

Apeldoorn for international students

Who better than an international student can tell you more about Apeldoorn as a city for international students? Vasco is a Hotel Management student from Portugal and takes you on a one-minute-tour through Apeldoorn.

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I have an amazing group of friends here and Apeldoorn offered us great opportunities to make memories together.''

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  • Compared to other Dutch cities, Apeldoorn is surprisingly different. It offers a peacefulness with its extensive woods surrounding the city combined with a city centre full of bars, restaurants and shops. 
  • Besides its peaceful vibe, there are plenty of events organised in Apeldoorn: join outdoor and sporty activities or visit music festivals.
  • There are plenty of activities to do in Apeldoorn, such as visiting the Apenheul (a monkey zoo) or the Julianatoren (an amusement park). The city is a favourite spot to visit for Dutchies during the holidays.
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  • Saxion does not offer housing accommodations for students in Apeldoorn, but there are plenty of (international) student houses or studios for rent. The rooms in Apeldoorn are cheap in comparison to other cities. 
  • Apeldoorn is located centrally in the Netherlands. That's why it's also possible to live in Deventer and travel to Apeldoorn by train (it will take you 10 minutes), or if you want to go full Dutch, you can decide to travel by bike! (it will take you around 50 minutes)
  • Public transportation is efficient in the Netherlands. From Apeldoorn, it is easy to reach other cities. It will take you one hour by direct train to reach Amsterdam.
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Apeldoorn houses Saxion's smallest campus. This modern building is located in the city centre, convinient next to the train station. The catering of the campus is partly provided by Hotel Management students to practise, creating an international gastronomy feeling. The students also have their own winebar, where they learn all the ins and outs about winetasting and dining. 

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  • Apeldoorn is surrounded by the forest. The locals like to go out for a walk or (mountainbike) ride in the woods. Maybe you even spot some wildlife if you pay attention!
  • One of the royal palaces of the Dutch king and queen is located in Apeldoorn, Paleis het Loo. The palace is also known as 'the little louvre' and you should definitely check out yourself why. 
  • Locals love to visit the bars and pubs in the centre of Apeldoorn. The small towns around Apeldoorn are also worth a visit: have a walk in the woods and treat yourself with a hot chocolate or a refreshing beverage in the villages nearby. 
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