Working During Your Studies

Having some extra money every month is nice! A good way to make that happen is to get a job. Employment in the Netherlands comes with certain conditions for both non-EU and EU students.

Students who are not from one of the EU/EEA countries are allowed to have a part time job during their study under the following conditions:

  • You need a working permit for your part time job. Your employer needs to apply for it
  • You need a valid residence permit
  • You need to apply for a citizen service number
  • You need a Dutch Basic health insurance
  • Maximum 16 hours a week or full time during the summer (June, July and August)

In general, the EU & European Economic Area (EEA) allow for the free movement of money, goods, services and persons. This means that its inhabitants are allowed to live and work in any other member state.

Burger Service Number 

In order to work in the Netherlands you need a Burger Servicenummer or, in short, BSN. This number means you are registered in the tax and social security system. You can apply for a Burger Service Number at the local office of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Residence Permit and Identification

Citizens from EU/EEA member states, do not need a residence permit in order to be allowed to work in the Netherlands. Once you have been in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, you should register with the IND. For more information consult the IND website. On this website you will find a "residence wizard" through which you can find out about the rules for residency in the Netherlands for yourself and any family members.

Even if not directly needed, a residence permit can come in handy: sometimes employers ask for it before they enter into a contract with you, banks also ask for it when you open a bank account and other official institutions ask for this document as well.

You also need a Dutch Basic Health insurance. 

It is possible to do a internship during your study in the Netherlands. A requirement is that you are registered as a student in the Netherlands, and that the internship forms an integral part of your studies. In this situation, a work permit is not needed anymore. However, there must be an internship agreement between employer, the intern and the host institution. Please contact the International Office for more information.

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