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Study choice check / Meet & Greet

Are you planning to enrol in a degree programme at Saxion in September 2022? Then we invite you to attend a Meet & Greet with your chosen degree programme, where you will get to know future fellow students, the study programme, current students and teaching staff. 

After registering in Studielink, you will automatically receive an invitation for this online group activity. Of course you can request a personal consultation (study choice check), but Meet & Greet offers you a much better picture of the programme.
To request an personal consultation, get in touch with your study programme. 

Participation is not mandatory, but that said, you just won't want to miss Meet & Greet. You will certainly want to know what's in store for you; who you are going to study with and who your teachers will be. You'll discover all this and more during the Meet & Greet of your degree programme. Meet & Greet is the moment before the summer holidays to check whether this is the right place for you. 

Did you register some time ago, and still haven't heard anything? Check your spam box. If you don't see anything there and you're worried that you have missed the invitation, please contact your degree programme. You can find the contact details on the homepage of the study programme.

It is usually possible to select from multiple dates. Keep an eye on the dates for your degree programme.

To log in on saxion-intake.nl, you need to have your Saxion account. You will have received your personal login details via your personal email. If you can't find this information in your mailbox, or you are experiencing other problems with your login, please contact your degree programme.

Go to account.saxion.nl/ and request a new password.

There are several possibilities.

  • Check your browser. In order to be able to use all the functionalities of the programme, it's best to use Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Logging in via mobile phone raises an error message: try again via a pc or laptop.
  • There are no dates currently available for Meet & Greet. Up until the summer holidays, there will be multiple Meet & Greet moments. If one event is fully booked, it will disappear from the list of options. Won't there be any more at the end of June? Get in touch with the degree programme to ask what the possibilities are.  Most programmes won't offer more Meet & Greets after the end of June. In that case, we look forward to seeing you during the intro week (starts 24 August).

Degree programmes which make use of a lottery procedure, the so-called 'additional requirements test' or a workspace requirement do not hold Meet & Greet events. You will be able to see whether your programme hosts a Meet & Greet in the study choice tool or on the web page of the programme you wish to study.

You will receive an invitation to join the Meet & Greet event via Blackboard Collaborate. At the agreed time, follow the link and join the livestream! During the online Meet & Greet, a student and a teacher will answer your questions about the programme.  

The livestream session will be led by a teacher. You'll be able to ask all your questions. This is possible in two ways: 

  • By 'raising your hand': click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.  
  • By asking your question in the chat on the right side of your screen.  

To prevent everyone from talking at the same time, we turned off your camera and your microphone. If you are invited to ask your question 'live', your microphone and camera will temporarily be activated. 

Students who indicate during registration via the Saxion registration portal that they have a functional impediment will receive an invitation for a compulsory intake advice with the school and an invitation to a voluntary appointment with a student counsellor. During the appointment with the student counsellor, you can discuss the support facilities and possibilities that Saxion can offer. After taking part in the Meet & Greet, you feel as though you still need an personal consultation (study choice check), please contact your degree programme.

More information about studying at Saxion with a functional impediment

More information about students with a functional impediment at Saxion can be found on the web page for this issue.

Of course you can request a personal consultation (study choice check), but Meet & Greet offers you a much better picture of the programme.