Banking information


It’s not necessary for EU/EEA students to open a bank account, however, sometimes it can be convenient to do so. This as many stores in the Netherlands do not accept foreign debit or credit cards. For Non-EU/EEA students it is required to open a Dutch bank account, as Saxion has to transfer your financial means back to a Dutch account in your name.

You are free to choose any bank you like, though some might be easier to register with than others. To open a bank account, you will need to hand over proof of registration from Saxion, which you can request by sending an email to They will then send you an email with the proof of registration. If you can, it is also possible to pick up the proof of registration at the Service Point in the Saxion Buildings (first floor in Enschede, Ground floor in Deventer). You will need your BSN number, your Dutch address and phone number for your request.