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The Saxion Export Center (SEC) is part of the Saxion International Business School. Our ambition is to stimulate and support the international trade activities of SMEs in Overijssel and Gelderland.

As an educational institution we are able to aid businesses through the efforts of our students. The students will conduct research for businesses in the area. The subjects are often related to internationalization which requires the knowledge of promising final year students with a specific skill set. The SEC conducts interviews with students and selects them for the programmes.

After that, we will match them to participating businesses/assignments. The student will start with conducting research for circa 6 months. When the research is completed the, then graduated, student will implement their recommendations during a traineeship. During the traineeship, the trainees are advised and supervised by experienced export professionals with international experience. Together with the staff from Saxion, the export coach will ensure the quality of both the programme and the end product.

Cross Border Talent

Cross-Border Talent connects talented students to businesses in the border region of the Netherlands and Germany. A graduate will research a cross-border issue and will follow this up by implementing their recommendations during a 6-month traineeship.

Cross Border Talent
cross border talent

Export Development Programme

During the Export Development Programme students will work as a graduate for a company that is active on an international level. After graduating, this student will implement the recommendations of their research as an export trainee under the guidance of an experienced export coach.

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Export Expertise

Export Expertise is a three-year excellence track in addition to the regular curriculum. During this track, students will execute export assignments, give presentations about these assignments and attend workshops about export related subjects. The students will gain experience in practice in conducting international business and will be prepared for participation in either the EDP or CBT.

The team

Sascha Leuftink

Mr. Sascha Leuftink

International Trade for SMEs Research Group, Manager Saxion Export Center

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Klaudyna Renkel

Klaudyna Renkel


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Hans Engbers Exportdocent

Hans Engbers



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