The Saxion Export Center supports business owners in their international ambitions by providing graduates and export trainees. During the Export Development Programme (EDP), graduates conduct research for businesses in the east of The Netherlands. During the second part of the programme, the students will implement their recommendations as an export trainee under the guidance of an experienced export coach.

General information

Your first job starts when you are graduating! Do you want an international research assignment and do you want an international career with a business in the east of the Netherlands? Then the Export Development Programme might be perfect for you.

The EDP offers you the opportunity to gain international work experience and to apply your knowledge into practice. Through the matchmaking of the EDP we will connect you to a business and research assignment in line with your career goals and personality. The EDP is thé opportunity to start your career. After completing your research, you will start working as an export trainee to implement the recommendations based on your research. During the traineeship phase, you will be supervised by an experienced export coach that can give you advice, answer your questions and help you reach your personal goals. More often than not, students will be offered an employment contract after finalising the EDP, which means that you will already have a job after graduation! Your participation in the programme will be an excellent opportunity to gain experience that can make you stand out on the job market or in your application for a Master.

Application and conditions

The Saxion Export Center is always looking for talented students in the final year of their studies who are interested in working in an international environment.

We are looking for students in the graduation phase of the following studies:

  • Business Studies
  • Technische Bedrijfskunde
  • Hoger Hotelonderwijs
  • Hoger Toeristisch en Recreatief Onderwijs
  • Facility Management
  • Human Recource Management

We assess you based on:

  • International experience (internship, minor and/or work experience)
  • Ambition for an international career
  • Creativity and perseverance
  • Open and inquisitive

Are you interested? Do not hesitate to apply! There is no deadline for your application, so you are always welcome!

Send your CV and motivation letter to Project Manager Klaudyna Renkel at k.j.renkel@saxion.nl.


General information

The ambition of Saxion Export Center is to stimulate the international trade activities of SMEs in Overijssel and Gelderland. Do you see opportunities for your business on international markets or do you have another international research questions for which you would like the support from talented students? Then the Export Development Programme might be perfect for you.

Efforts of Students

You will work together with one of our high potential students for the duration of a year. In the graduation phase (5-7 months) the student will graduate on an international research assignment within your business. Following the research, the student will implement their recommendations as an export trainee in your business.
The student is trained and coached in the areas of project management, international sales and marketing, setting up and executing market research and approaching potential international trade partners. The training and coaching is provided by teachers and experienced export managers at Saxion. The combination of experience in practice and knowledge is optimally utilised in this format.

Matching based on your criteria

The selection is based on a profile sketch created in accordance with your preferences. Depending on your international ambition and specific demands linked to the assignment, we select a talented student based on skills, career goals and personality who fits within your business. When both parties are satisfied with the match, the student can start their graduation programme.

Are you interested in the EDP? Do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to k.j.renkel@saxion.nl

The Saxion Export Center can offer the EDP for a relatively low price of €2000 (exl. VAT) because of a subsidy offered by the province of Overijssel. It is inclusive of the recruitment, matching and professional support during graduation and traineeship by the export coach. The compensation during the graduation phase (5 to months) and during the traineeship (6 months) will be agreed upon by the business and student/trainee.



Together with partners from the Go4Export project, the Saxion Export Center supports the international ambitions of entrepreneurs in the region. As an educational institution the Saxion Export Center supports businesses through the efforts of our students.  

Go4Export is an initiative of the province of Overijssel. It offers support to businesses in initiating export or expanding international activities. The supportive activities of Go4Export have the aim to inform and facilitate trade promoting activities. The web portal Go4Export offers several