Selected students from the ‘’International Business’’ School participate in the excellence track ‘’Export Expertise’’, on of Saxion’s Top Talent programmes. Export Expertise is a three-year study programme in addition to the regular curriculum.

Students choose their own directions in alignment with their interests. They will execute multiple projects with companies that are internationally active. Through (guest) lectures and workshops

Students gain more knowledge and experience in comparison to the regular study programme. In addition, the students receive personal guidance by teachers from Saxion to prepare them for the job market in the best way possible.

General information 

Do you want to add value to your study and deepen your knowledge of international business? Apply for Export Expertise!

From the second through the fourth year of your study, we offer you an additional programme on top of your regular study programme to experience international trade in real life. The programme consists of practical workshops about several different export related subjects, guest speakers experienced in international business, practice-oriented research for businesses and real-life case studies.

The programme is only offered in English and the study load is estimated at 30 EC spread out over 3 years. There are no credits granted to you. Students that pass the programme will receive a mention on their diploma that they have successfully completed the Top Talent Programme ‘’Export Expertise.’’ Students that only complete the first year will receive a certificate.


At the end of the program you will be tested on each project separately. Each of the projects has to be assessed with a pass. During the programme you will build a portfolio with the competencies that you have received. At the end of graduation there will be a final assessment with 2 school coaches and an external export professional. During that assessment you will show through a presentation if you possess the knowledge and competencies. In addition, you have to have a minimum grade of 7 before graduating and you cannot take longer than 5 years to graduate.

Successful participation in the honours programme or excellence track will provide you with a mention on your certificate. If you exit from the programme before completion it will have no consequences for your regular study programme. Neither does it prolong the duration of your bachelor.

Application and conditions

The Export Expertise programme is open to all students from International Business and Commerciële Economie. In the first year of your study there will be multiple information sessions regarding Export Expertise. Would you like to become an expert in the field of international business? Apply for the Export Expertise before 1st of June 2019.

Send your motivation letter and CV to k.j.renkel@saxion.nl. Along with these documents, you can send a letter of recommendation by your study career counsellor or another teacher. After that, you will be invited for an intake. The intake consists of a discussion session with other candidates about export related subjects that you may put forward yourself. During the intake we assess you based on motivation, drive, character and ambitions.

Students must meet the following conditions:

  • At least 53 credits
  • An average grade of 7 or higher
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Motivated and result oriented
  • Ambitious for a career in international business
  • Flexible and bold
  • Able to self-reflect
  • Pro-active, full of initiative, independent, critical, assertive, and commercial skills

For other Top Talent Programmes, go to www.saxion.nl/toptalent


General Information

Through the Export Expertise Programme you can submit an international research question to one of our project groups. Under the personal supervision of one of our teachers, the students will commit themselves to successfully answering your question.

Carefully selected students from the ‘’International Business’’ school take part in the excellence track ‘’Export Expertise’’, one of Saxion’s Top Talent programmes. Export Expertise is a three-year additional study programme that goes into more detail regarding all areas of conducting international business.


There are no costs involved in the execution and supervision during the programme. If students are requested to research topics which do involve costs, then these are for the account of the participating business.