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In the Surface Lab you can work with various techniques to apply a functional surface to your own product or prototype.

As part of the RAAK project Funcy, a prototyping lab abound surface technology and smart materials has been realized. In this Surface Lab you can work with various techniques to provide your own product or prototype with a functional surface.

Products are becoming smaller and more complex. There is a need for different functionalities within a product. And you only want it where it is needed. Within the RAAK project Funcy, research group Industrial Design and various partners carried out research into functional surfaces on a plastic substrate. Examples of functions are self-cleaning, aesthetic, electrically conductive, antibacterial and X-ray absorbing surfaces. By applying properties only where they are needed, material, volume and often costs are saved. For example, applying an antibacterial surface where a product is touched, instead of an expensive antibacterial plastic that is all around the product.

The Surface lab is part of Saxion FabLab Enschede.

Foto van Erik Goselink

Erik Goselink