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Saxion’s Industrial Design research group explores ways to design products, services and tools responsibly. This research involves finding solutions which benefit society, people and the environment. We do this by integrating knowledge about new technologies, materials and applications with the user’s needs and values.

The world is constantly changing, giving rise to new social and personal questions. At the same time, a great variety of new technologies are becoming accessible. How does one use this to design meaningful and socially relevant products?

With our team of researchers, designers and teachers, we work together with companies and students from various disciplines on practice-oriented research. In this way we create relevant applicable knowledge, sustainable solutions and smart designs.

Pioneering user-centered solutions through different ways of thinking and new technologies.

Human centered design

We explore ways to responsibly design products and services, focussing on the user’s needs. Our starting point is a social problem. We use appropriate design methods to provide us with an overall view of our users and to provide the users with information about topics they find important. Together with the user, we create designs which contribute to their wellbeing.

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Materials and technologies in design 

We explore how to responsibly design from, with or for new technology, specific materials or specific applications. Our starting point is an interest, need or problem experienced by a company or public service. We focus on integrating materials, technology and application. To achieve our aims, we make use of applied design research, design thinking, a selection method or sustainable design.



Foto Arie Paul van den Beukel

Arie Paul van den Beukel

Lector Industrial Design

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Foto Merlijn Smits

Merlijn Smits

Associate Lector Human Centered Design

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Foto van Ivo ten Brinck

Ivo ten Brinck

Project leader / researcher

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Foto Wouter Weijermars

Ir. Wouter Weijermars

Project leader / researcher

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Foto van Erik Goselink

Erik Goselink


Foto Karin Voortman-Overbeek

Ing. Karin Voortman-Overbeek


Foto Paul Groneveld

Paul Groneveld , BEng, MEd

Lecturer/ researcher

Marietheres Mühle.jpeg

Marietheres Mühle

Lecturer / researcher

06-13128174 LinkedIn