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Festival Report: Smart Solutions Festival 2019

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On Tuesday 15 January it was time for: the third edition of the Saxion Smart Solutions Festival. Did you attend? Then you know how cool it was! Couldn't come? Don’t panic: you can read all about it in this festival report. Not much of a reader? Then check out the aftermovie!

On Tuesday afternoon, the 'sign spinners' on the city square in Enschede were already indicating that something special was about to happen. With great music and slick dance moves, they performed a non-stop juggling act with the signs pointing to the Smart Solutions Festival. The vibe was palpable right away: today is the day!

To start at the beginning...

You might ask yourself what Smart Solutions is all about? We are happy to explain that to you. At Saxion Smart Solutions, students from various degree programmes work together on different projects from our research groups and the business community.

Innovation, creativity and collaboration are at the core of these projects, which students work on together as a cohesive team.

The festival marks the festive conclusion of the Smart Solutions Semester. Because admit it: if you have been working together intensively on a cool project for six months, then of course you would like to share this with the world.

And it is precisely for that reason that we started organizing the Smart Solutions Festival.

Innovation for the next generation!

This edition again brought us some surprisingly smart inventions, special projects and special collaborations. This time, the festival was held in the main building and on the Ariënsplein: the incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship!

It is really wonderful to see that we have so much talent at Saxion. It is also great to see how involved the clients are and how enthusiastic the groups are when presenting their innovative solutions.

Tell me more!

There were so many projects to see that it is simply impossible to mention all of them.

But we have found a nice solution to this: you can browse through the Smart Solutions Magazine  online. In this magazine you will find all the projects, with a short description and of course some atmospheric pictures. Enjoy the read!


The Smart Solutions Semester and Festival not only represent a unique learning experience, the Festival also has a competitive element.

The tension was palpable: who would walk away with the big prizes? During the festival, the jury visited all the project stands and after intense deliberation, the winners were announced during the closing ceremony of the festival. Erna Engelen, project manager of Smart Solutions, enthusiastically called the winners on stage. And the winners are...

  • Concept Dress group 29
  • Fleece afterlife
  • Smart piece of furniture
  • Control your home

Instagram Stories

Naturally, the Smart Solutions Festival could also be followed via our Instagram Stories. Curious about the updates? Check the highlights here!


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