Solar Freezer winnaar Serendipity Award 2019

Solar Freezer Serendipity Award winner 2019

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Last Friday, the Serendipity Award was issued for the eighth time to the most entrepreneurial team of the LED International Project Week. The winners are the creators of an innovative heat exchanger for solar panels. With their product innovation, they won the Serendipity Award in the amount of € 500,- .

Solar Freezer collects thermal energy through collectors located under solar panels. The winning team created a concept designed to increase the efficiency of these collectors.

The jury judged vlogs from 160 teams and determined that the winner had developed a concept with great entrepreneurial potential.

By using recycled materials, they thought of a solution which also addresses another societal challenge, thereby creating a positive impact and an interesting economic business case.

The video pitch made quite an impression on the jury.

In addition to the monetary prize in the amount of €500, they will also receive direct access to the entrepreneurs' competition Saxion Entrepreneur Award.

About the award

The Serendipity Award is an initiative of the Saxion Centre for Entrepreneurship to encourage entrepreneurship.

Serendipity refers to the concept of finding something completely unexpected and useful whilst actually looking for something else.

Through the project week's hands-on approach, participants for example discover to what extent they are entrepreneurial and what entrepreneurial qualities they possess.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

During the LED International Project Week, 150 student teams from Saxion work together on projects for external companies. They work together with high school students and guest students from international universities of applied sciences and research universities.

In total, there are approximately 1200 students working together in interdisciplinary teams on different projects from around sixty regional organisations. Each project team consists of students from all academic years and from various degree programmes.

Thanks to this diverse mix of experience levels and economic disciplines (in particular: the Business Management and Finance & Control degree programmes) and technical disciplines, the team members can inspire each other and look at projects from surprisingly different angles.

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