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How to choose a study programme online

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Choosing your study programme is an exciting step towards your future! However, it might be difficult to orientate for studies and eventually select your favourite study programme online. International Physiotherapy student Sara Dulle from Germany and Innovative Textile student Harsha Ramesh from India previously had to orientate and select their study online. Both share their experiences regarding discovering and choosing their study programme from a screen.

How did you experience choosing your study online?

Sara: "It was a completely new way to get to know Saxion online. It was interesting and I definitely liked it. Participating in the Digital Discovery Day gave me enough information regarding my study in order to decide that I wanted to apply. The livestream sessions provided me with enough inside information about what's it like to study at Saxion."

Harsha: "It was a really different and unique experience to select a study online. The biggest challenge was of course the fact that it's hard to get an online grasp of what a study is like."

I would suggest to all potential students to choose what they love to do.

Harsha Ramesh

Do you have any advice for upcoming students who need to choose their study online? 

Sara: "Make sure you connect with other potential students during the livestream sessions or via IntoSaxion and do not hesitate to ask your questions."

Harsha: "I would suggest to all potential students not to compromise with their interests but encourage them to choose what they love to do. Saxion is an excellent study place for students from any part of the world. I cannot wait to start my student life in the Netherlands soon!"


Are you ready to discover your future at Saxion?

Experience studying at Saxion from the comfort of your own home, by visiting the Digital Discovery Days. Meet with lecturers and students online via livestreams and find out everything you want to know about your preferred study programme.

Digital Discovery Days

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