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Do you dream of creating an unforgettable experience for your guests? After this study, you develop hotel concepts that are both nationally and internationally on the map.

THE FIRST YEARGetting to know the hospitality business

In the first year you will gain the broad basic knowledge you need to succeed in the hospitality business, but the focus will be on hotel management. You will take courses on management, communication and business economics. You gain expertise in hotel management, hospitality and event organization. You get to know various companies through excursions, guest lectures and a short traineeship.

Going abroad

During your studies you have to spend at least six months abroad. You could, for example, do an internship abroad or a minor at a European university college. In addition, there are many other possibilities to gain international experience, such as taking part in the annual European Mise and Place Cup and the Young Hoteliers Summit in Lausanne.

Study load

  • 50% Theory
  • 45% Practical and group work
  • 5% Study career counseling

The three themes of Hotel Management

  • ​Hospitality
    ​During your studies hospitality is the common thread. You learn all about the international hotel industry, the value of hospitality and the differences worldwide.
  • Business
    The business side of the profession is fully discussed during the course. Think of subjects such as business economics, marketing, organizational management, consumer behavior and entrepreneurship.
  • Communication
    ​Communication is an important theme. It's reflected in topics and subjects such as target group-oriented communication, event communication, personal development, English and a second modern language.

  • World of Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Event Organisation & Communication
  • Smart Hotels
  • Business English 1
  • Spanish, French or German 1

More about the study structure

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Learn about entrepreneurship

In the second year you will go on a six-month internship in the Netherlands or abroad, to literally broaden your horizon. During the other six months your focus will be on data-driven and innovative entrepreneurship. You will show your bold leadership in a sales pitch for a real Dragon's Den.

Additionally, you organise and execute an event and further develop your (foreign) language and communication skills.

  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Hospitable HRM
  • Eventmanagement
  • Business English 2
  • Spanish, French or German 2
  • Operational internship

THE THIRD YEAR​Hotel Management and the hospitality business

From the third year onwards, you work on strategic issues. While adapting hotel concepts to the needs of various destinations, you refine your management skills. After that, you start in Saxion’s Smart Solutions Semester, in which you work in interdisciplinary teams on complex industry issues.


​Minor and graduation

In the fourth year you choose a minor. During the minor you can study abroad, do a management internship or choose a minor at Saxion. You will complete the programme with the Young Professional Semester, in which you develop a professional product (plan, service, event, app, etc.) for a real-life client.

More about Practical Education Semesters in Main Phase.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

After you graduate you hold the title of Bachelor of Arts and are ready to start your career in the hotel business or one of the many other organizations for which hospitality is essential, such as hospitals and banks. There are many job opportunities in this international industry.

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