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Advanced App Development

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    February, September

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    5 Months

During the first two years of your study you may have worked on your skills to develop (web)apps. You have created Android apps and webapps using technologies like Java, JavaScript (or NodeJS) and a bit C++, but there is much more to explore in app development land. During this module we get you in touch with new technologies regarding Backend, Frontend and Hybrid Development of Android Applications.

App developer

Upgrade yourself to a next-level app-developer

During this exchange programme you will upgrade yourself to a next-level app-developer. You are going to explore the app development process from the very first beginning (design) to the actual development of frontend and backend.

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Languages like Swift and Kotlin

You will also learn new languages like Swift and Kotlin and you will learn to develop hybrid apps with technologies based on the web-stack you’re familiar with.

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Course Content (30 ECTS)

The exchange programme App Development consists of 3 courses. The course “T55518 Backend Development” (5 ECTS) will focus on learning new languages and creating a backend for an app. This backend will be created in Spring Boot (Kotlin) or Vapor (Swift).

During the second course “T55517 Design Essentials" (5 ECTS) you will develop a frontend for an iOS or Android app. Technical details, functional design and usability aspects will be covered.

In the third course “T55520 Hybrid Development​​​​​​​” (5 ECTS) we will start with exploring three of the most used web frameworks: Angular, React, and Vue.js. After that we do the same with the hybrid frameworks Ionic, React Native, and Framework7.

During the T51540 Project Advanced App Development (15 ECTS) you will work on a case for a real client. You will start with analyzing the requirements and based on that analysis you decide which technologies you should use. You are going to build a frontend and/or backend, depending on the needs of the client.