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Update 24: #welkombijsaxion - personal, friendly and future-oriented education

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Due to the corona crisis next academic year will also be different at Saxion. We are all trying to get a picture of ‘different’ and what this will mean for us. This certainly also applies to our prospective students.

They will be starting in a new environment that is not only new but also different, one where they want to get personally acquainted with fellow students, their study programme, our university of applied sciences and their place of study. 

We want to offer our prospective students a warm welcome because they deserve it, especially after the unusual and for many premature end of their secondary school or secondary vocational training. In a personal and cool way that suits Saxion and starting a new study. This is why we are looking for a suitable mix of physical and online activities for these students including a personal and virtual introduction to the programme with initial activities to help them get to know fellow students and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

We hope that we can receive and guide our future students as personally as possible during this exceptional time so that they feel truly welcome at Saxion and can quickly find their feet together with their fellow students.

What can a first-year student expect from us?

We have various activities to welcome first-year students to Saxion:

  1. Meet & Greet for a first introduction
    We invite students starting at Saxion in September 2020 to a Meet & Greet given by their study programme. Students are introduced to future fellow students, the curriculum, current students and teachers. Participation is not mandatory, but this is the ideal moment before the summer holidays to check that a student is doing the right thing. After enrolling in Studielink, the prospective student will automatically receive an invitation to this online group activity.

    Additionally we are organising Q&A sessions with a representative from the prospective students' study programme and an opportunity of 1-on-1 contact with students by phone. Some of you might have already taken part in a Meet & Greet, if this is not the case you will receive an e-mail shortly about upcoming Meet & Greets. 

  2. Buddy groups for good social bonding
    At Saxion, we think it is important to ensure social bonding with first years so that they feel welcome. This is why each first-year student is assigned to a buddy group before or during the introduction. This is a virtual variant of the social group with which a student would normally have lunch at school or go for a drink after college or undertake other social activities. The group consists of a maximum of 8 students, plus a student coach from a higher year in the programme. Buddy groups prefer to meet once a week at a time planned by the student coach - together with the group - when no other educational activities take place.
  3. Introduction week (HOI)
    We will set up an online festival site for first-year students. This is the central location for their introduction. Several different virtual squares will be set up. Afterwards, students will still be able to go here for help during their first months so they can find their way around Saxion and student life in Enschede, Deventer & Apeldoorn. 
  4. All you need to know to get off to a good start studying
    At prospective students can find all they need to know for a smooth start to student life.

Updates and FAQ's from Saxion

For the latest updates regarding the coronavirus you can go to and in the FAQ’s we answer all Saxion specific questions. You can read all the previous updates here. 

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