Hbo elektrotechniek saxion - electrical and electronic engineering

Design the technical systems of the future

  • Degree

    Short Degree (Bachelor)

  • Start date


  • Location


  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Tuition fee (EU/EEA students)

    The EEE SDP is only accessible to students of partner universities

  • Tuition fee (NON-EU students)

    € 8.600 per year

Will your future involve finding electrical and electronic solutions for the energy transition, or designing the variable message signs above our motorways, an innovative electric motorcycle, and smart public transport access gates to make our transport systems easier to use? Or how about a self-piloting drone? With a higher education degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering the world is your oyster!

elektrotechniek opleiding saxion


The field of engineering work has a very international orientation. Saxion has a worldwide network of partner universities, with active incoming and outgoing exchange programs. You will work alongside students with more than 25 other nationalities.

Student Nanotechnology aan het werk

Electrical and Electronics Engineering has two specialisations

  • Electrical Information Engineering (EIE)
    You will learn all about microelectronics and the link to the ‘real world’ with sensors. You will also learn techniques for making chips work properly, how to program chips, and about wireless communication.

  • Electrical Engineering for Energy Transition (EEET)
    How do you make electrical energy available to people as sustainably as possible? This includes the smart use of wind turbines and solar farms as well as the range of the electric car or solutions in Industrial Automation topics.

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More info about studying at Saxion?

More info about studying at Saxion?

During your study

In Electrical and Electronic Engineering you'll learn how to design microelectronics. This includes deploying printed circuit boards, chips, and batteries in devices you use every day. You will also familiarise yourself with sustainable energy, automation and hardware and learn how to program hardware. The programme offers you many practical modules and projects.

Elektrotechniek hbo saxion

Possibilities after your study

As an Electronic Engineer you can get a job anywhere you want, from small engineering companies to multinationals. With a diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the whole world is at your feet.

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