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This programme will turn you into a fashion and textile specialist. During your studies you will get first-hand experience with working in the industry and you specialize by choosing a topic that is best suited to your talents.

Study load

  • 40% Theory
  • 45% Practical and group work
  • 15% Study career counseling

The Fashion and Technologies programme is structured around the following themes

  • Materials (technology)
    ​Innovation and brainstorming are crucial within the Materials part. If you thought of an innovative idea, you will research the market to see whether or not your idea is achievable. Then, together with your group, you will implement the idea: what materials can be used, how do we research that and which lab-tests should you perform? 
  • ​Collection (creativity)
    How do I put together a collection for a new police uniform? How can I make a police officer exude authority and yet look cool at the same time? Is the uniform comfortable to wear and nice to look at?
  • Commerce (commercial)
    ​Where will I buy these jeans or this carpet? How do I ensure I buy responsibly and sustainably? How much should it cost? Does this guarantee the right levels of quality and customer satisfaction?
  • ​Into the future
    ​You will visit an technical and a fashion company, start working on your portfolioJe and think about which professions appeal to you. You also find out what you need to get there.

More about the study structure

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Your short degree programme

​Cooperation and graduation

Your study programme revolves around Living Technology, which means you learn how to successfully apply technological developments in your field in practice together with students from other Saxion degree programmes. Your degree concludes with a graduation assignment.

A team of several enthusiastic lecturers, many of whom have worked in the textiles sector, will teach you using modern real-life business cases in a challenging and inspiring learning community with state-of-the art facilities. Lessons are held in a fantastic new building with lots of glass and light, providing a home base for around 700 enthusiastic Dutch and international students who are keen to immerse themselves in all aspects of today’s world of textiles.

The lecturers are very helpful in sharing their knowledge and experience, whilst encouraging your personal development as well. The course programme is varied, comprising a mix of lectures, seminars, practical sessions and projects, ensuring all the material covered is directly relevant to practical situations in the textiles business.

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

The F&TT certificate and the Bachelor of Science qualification is your ticket to a role in a national or international company in the textile and apparel industry.