The Short Degree Programme International Business is a Business Administration bachelor degree programme consisting of two different semesters. The content of the programme is a well-balanced mixture of all the four domains of the Business Administration framework. On top of that you will also be offered supporting subjects that for instance focus on your personal growth, as well as your professional skills.

Overview of the programme 

First semester

Second semester





Business Case (10 EC)

Individual Final Assignment

(30 EC)

Business Research

Identity Development

Business Communication

Cultural & Environmental Readiness


Marketing & Sales (5EC)

Operations & SCM (5 EC)


Organisation & People (5 EC)

Finance & Accounting (5 EC)


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Key highlights:

  • Learn all essential areas of business administration;
  • Focus on developing crucial professional skills;
  • Join a diverse community with 35+ nationalities.

Beyond profits: Creating a sustainable future

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What does the programme offers me?

With a sense of purpose, business can be used to provoke changes. A globalised economy of purpose requires a future business professional to become conscious of their potential and responsibility to contribute to the changes in international business. By making conscious connections in the world of international business, you can bring about benefits in terms of all values: people, planet and profit. The International Business programme offers you the opportunity to develop a thorough grasp of global business economics and puts emphasis on developing your personal and professional awareness, cultural readiness and intercultural communication skills.

Saxion has long-standing collaborative partnerships with various organisations such as technological-, services- and trading companies. Since no one knows better what is expected from you as a graduate than your future employer, these businesses provide us with essential input to ensure that our teaching remains relevant and up to date. During your final assignment, you will spend time in a real company to apply the theory and learn directly in the professional field. The School of Finance and International Business will challenge you to further develop your international ambitions and your personal brand.


During your time as a student, you will learn to manage your own (study) career. A study career coach is assigned to every student to help them find their way around, both in the Netherlands and within our school, and to develop an independent and entrepreneurial attitude. Your study career coach will also support you in making the right decisions to be successful in identifying your mission and fulfilling your ambitions. They will help you to choose a suitable company to do your final assignment and will challenge you to explore your future career prospects.


The application of theory during practical assignments is a trademark of our programme. We work inside-out, which means that the talent and ambition of an individual student is the starting point in our competence-oriented programme. Throughout your programme you will work on practical assignments in groups, where you will apply knowledge and skills gained from theory in real-life business situations.


The four domains of International Business

In the domain Marketing & Sales the idea of adding value for the customer is extended with the perspectives of people, planet and profit. You will focus on the way companies can develop products and services that do not only satisfy the customers’ needs and wants, but contribute to improvements for all stakeholders.

This domain focusses on assessing companies’ strategies structures, business processes and corporate culture. Other, though related, topics covered are leadership styles, motivation of employees and group dynamics.

O&SCM is the principle that the functionality of business processes can be optimised through the improvement of a company’s internal and external cooperation with suppliers and customers. This is supported by the use of IT-software, such as ERP systems. You will study day-to-day operations on the work floor and all that this entails from a management perspective. During interactive sessions you will discuss JIT, Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management and other practices.

This domain includes the basic concepts in finance and accounting that you need to know to start your international business career. You will develop your ability to read and understand financial statements and to evaluate the financial performance of organisations. Additionally, you will learn how financial and non-financial information can be used by managers and entrepreneurs to plan and control their business activities.

What kind of professional skills will I learn?

In this subject you will learn (how) to reflect on and analyse how you deal with different situations and people, both familiar and unfamiliar, expected and unexpected. You can describe and illustrate your attitude and behaviour and reflect on them with the goal to learn and grow. You embrace accountability for your own attitude and development, personal as well as professional.

Short degree iBS 3.jpg

Business research is an integral part of the curriculum. Real-life business cases are the starting point. You learn how to collect, analyse and interpret both primary and secondary data to solve company problems and answer questions, and to judge the validity and reliability of such data critically. You get acquainted with new trends and developments in research and data science, and are also taught to consider the legal and ethical constraints when dealing with data. Furthermore, the curriculum teaches you to choose the appropriate means of communicating conclusions and recommendations to a wide array of target groups.

Short degree IBS 4.jpg

As a graduate you will be able to work as a business partner in an international business context. Apart from language skills at Business English C1 level, this requires performative language skills such as intercultural cooperation, conducting interviews, complex business correspondence, writing business reports, holding meetings, giving presentations, argumentative writing, negotiating, and debating. In the Business Communication course you will learn all that, in order to not only be able to communicate your messages effectively and persuasively using advanced English to an (un)informed audience, but also to be able to collaborate effectively with different stakeholders in different cultural, organisational, and political landscapes, to contribute to achieving agreed goals.

Short degree IBS 5.jpg

As a graduate you can analyse the cultural, sustainable and ethical implications of the international context in which you move, react to these appropriately, and effectively bridge cultural differences on an operational and strategic level. You will display a high level of awareness of your own role in this process, have knowledge of intercultural and ethical issues, show intercultural and ethical sensitivity and possess appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills.


The examination will take place in various innovative ways, including individual and group exams. You will experience different exam forms, such as written and oral exams, peer assessments, presentations and portfolios within different subjects. The practical approach and a solution to a problem/question of a company is part of your examination. The final assignment contains diverse kinds of exams which make it possible for you to deploy different competencies.

More about the study structure

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Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA)

The Short Degree Programme International Business leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA), which is internationally recognised as a premier Bachelor degree.