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Do you want a career in international business and would you like to learn how to conduct business around the globe? The English degree programme International Business prepares you for a managerial position in an international business environment.

You will work with peers from 35 nationalities and you will learn how to become a conscious business professional who really can make a difference. We expect you to spend at least one semester abroad and you will be able to start your career anywhere in the world after your graduation. During the first two years, you will gain a solid theoretical basis and hands-on experience in real business assignments.

What will you be learning?

The Bachelor programme covers all four essential domains of Business Administration, both theoretical and practical including:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • People & Organisation

During the four-year course, we expect you to acquire thorough theoretical knowledge and practical experience in all four business domains, and you will become the expert in connecting and balancing the different interests and roles within companies in practical cases.

International Business at Saxion is unique due to its hands-on work experience and the possibility to tailor your specialisation to your own talent and interests; the perfect preparation for your international career.

At the School of Finance and International Business we call ourselves “Investors in meaningful business”. We see that companies that are not focused on added value to society are going to find it increasingly difficult. Companies are increasingly called on by consumers to add value for a better world.

Companies will need a new breed of international business professionals; individuals who are able to help organisations internationalise (more sustainably and responsibly) and thus cope with and flourish in a rapidly changing international business environment at a tactical and strategic level, with intercultural sensitivity.


A solid theoretical basis of international business and management

In the first year, you gain a solid basis of international business and management. You will acquire knowledge of Marketing & Sales, Financial Accounting, Operations & Supply Chain Management and People & Organisation. The approach is very practical, as real company assignments form the heart of the education from the first day of your study. Every quarter you work in groups on a different business challenge where you have the role of a profession you could end up in as an International Business professional (e.g. junior marketer or supply chain officer). In addition, you will also work on developing your professional skills.

Study load

  • 40% Theory
  • 50% Practical and group work
  • 10% Study career coaching

The second year

Deepening knowledge and skills and choice in electives

In the second year, your knowledge and experience of Marketing & Sales, Financial Accounting, Operations & Supply Chain Management and People & Organisation will be deepened and you will work on increasingly complex and integrated business challenges.

You will also have the opportunity this year to broaden your interests by choosing one of the elective modules.

Honours Programme

From the second year, you will have the opportunity to qualify for a Saxion Honours Programme. This will allow you to develop your talents even further in order to speed up your progress to a university programme.

The third and fourth year

(International) practice: deepen your knowledge and refine your skills in various practical assignments

Over the last two years, you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding and enhance your skills in the practical application of international business scenarios. Your focus will be on cultivating and refining your personal brand, and selecting a specific business domain to attain an advanced level of expertise. The third year is dedicated to your internship and the Saxion interdisciplinary semester, where you will apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical, interdisciplinary setting. Moving into the fourth year, you will engage in a minor and conclude your study program with a final assignment. In our International Business (IB) program, a minimum of one semester must be spent abroad, whether during your internship, minor, or graduation. You also have the option to undertake all three experiences abroad if you so choose.


In the first semester, you will get acquainted with the four specialisations and you will definitively select the programme which suits you best. This offers you the possibility to use the first six months as an orientation to your specific interest and future role in the international business arena. During years three and four of your IB course, you will have an additional opportunity to specialise in the business domain that suits your preferences. Our expertise lies in finding the study route that matches your specific talents and ambitions. When you enroll for International Business, you will have the opportunity to make a choice from one of the following specialisations after the first semester:

Year 2 quarter 3

Year 2 quarter 4

Cultures and communication when doing business with Asia 1 (5EC)

Cultures and communication when doing business with Asia 2* (5EC)

Spanish language and cultures for business practice 1 (5EC)

Spanish language and cultures for business practice 2* (5EC)

The sustainable and lean start-up (5EC)

New venture building and scale-up** (5EC)

E-commerce, branding and positioning (5EC)

The innovative supply chain (5EC)

Accounting information systems and risk management (5EC)

Leadership and change management (5EC)

* Required pre-knowledge of course 1
**Required pre-knowledge of the sustainable and lean start-up

The cultures and communication when doing business with Asia 1 and 2 modules focus on equipping you with linguistic and cultural skills essential for working in and conducting business in and with Asian countries. Through this module, you also gain a basic proficiency in Mandarin, while also developing a nuanced understanding of cultural nuances and business practices specific to the region.

The Spanish languages and cultures for business practice modules focus on equipping you with linguistic and cultural skills essential for working in and conducting business in and with Spanish-speaking countries. Through this module, you gain proficiency in the Spanish language, while also developing a nuanced understanding of cultural nuances specific to Spanish-speaking countries.

In the sustainable and lean start-up module you focus on spotting opportunities for viable multiple value creation. Key in our approach is the focus on intrinsic (personal means, drivers and preferences) and extrinsic (trends, market and stakeholders) motivations for setting up a business as force of doing well and good. By means of the proven lean start-up methodology you will create desirable value proposition(s) at the heart of your designed and validated sustainable business model (with economic, ecological and social durability).

In the new venture building and scale-up module you will focus on crafting a detailed venture plan, covering registration, launch, and adaptive strategies to turn the sustainable business model into a desirable reality. You will learn to convincingly communicate, navigate and solve problems in the new venture while defining and executing growth strategies for scale-up. The course also emphasizes personal branding, networking, and self-awareness, hence assisting you in identifying strengths, weaknesses. This enables your future courses of action for personal development and the success of the launched venture.

Building upon your foundational marketing and sales knowledge you will delve into designing and executing online commerce, understanding the significance of digital branding strategies, and the art of positioning your products and/or services online. You get ready to master the strategies and practices that drive success in the digital marketplace.

The innovative supply chain module equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement smart and durable solutions in supply chain dynamics. This includes new strategies and technologies that transform traditional supply chains to be adapted to new trends and stakeholder demands.

Data is like the lifeblood of any organization, essential for decision making and its functioning. It is what the organization collects, processes, stores, and shares as useful information with both inside and outside users. This module focuses on how organizations manage data, use IT tools like Exact Online Handel Premium and Excel for processing, analysis, and reporting, and how this information is crucial for effective and efficient business processes. In doing so, this module bridges financial accounting with the controlling aspects of accounting information systems and its relation to managing risks.

The leadership and change management module is tailored to equip you with the essential skills and insights needed to lead effectively in dynamic organizational environments. You delve into the theories, skills and practices of advanced leadership, emphasizing strategies for starting, managing and driving positive change within an organization on strategic, team and individual level.

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