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The Short Degree Programme (SDP) of International Finance & Accounting normally lasts two years (120 credits). In addition to the two-year programme, we also offer a one-year programme (at least 60 credits) for students from our partner Universities. Upon successful completion of one of these programmes, you obtain the title Bachelor of Science.


Working on your knowledge and skills

In the first year of our Short Degree Programme, we primarily work on intermediate knowledge which you will need as a financial specialist. You learn about economic relationships, financial markets, currency markets, ethics, governance and international legislation from an international perspective. Subjects such as financial management, management accounting and marketing will give you a solid grounding in economics and finance. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to improve your English-language and research skills

Study load

  • 50% Theory
  • 45% Practical and group work
  • 5% Study career counseling


Developing an international perspective

In the second year you will get a more profound knowledge in the subjects of accounting information systems (AIS), auditing, management information systems and risk management. The programme will be completed by a Research and Advisory Report (15 ECTS), which should prove that you are able to complete a research project and defend it.

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Upon graduation, you will receive the title of Bachelor of Science, a vast degree title, which is internationally recognized and will give you a valuable head start on the international labour market.

ACCA-accelerate programme partnership

The partnership between ACCA and Saxion UAS offers graduates of the Bachelor of International Finance and Accounting the option to add ‘ACCA Student’ to their CV. This enhances your employability and shows your commitment to a future in accounting, finance and business management. It gives you an early start to a successful career.

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