Course content

During the IHRM programme you will gradually gain the knowledge and develop the skills that will enable you to design innovative solutions to people-related challenges in organizations.


In-depth knowledge

During the first year of International Human Resource Management you will get in-depth knowledge of the relationship between human behavior, work and organizations. You will study business economics, organizations and work design and human talent development.

Internationally focused

The international HRM programme is taught in an intercultural classroom with students from various nationalities. The courses and materials are specifically developed for this programme and are entirely in English. Internationally renowned literature is used as well as practical cases provided by internationally oriented organizations.

Study load

  • 40% Theory
  • 50% Practical and group work
  • 10% Study career counseling

The IHRM programme is structured around the following themes:

  • People Development
    If you want people to reach their full potential, you need to understand what makes them tick. That is why we put an emphasis on understanding human psychology throughout many of the courses.
  • Personal Development
    You need practical skills to navigate the complexities of the business world. For that reason many of the courses are about enabling you to become a great communicator and credible professional.
  • Human Resources and Business
    In HR you need to be the bridge between people and business. Therefore we offer courses in international business, leadership, economics, strategy, organizational design and culture.
  • HR and Technology
    New technologies are influencing the way we work. In the programme we will show you how to use social media and develop new and innovative tools for job market communication.
  • ​Practical component
    You may develop a new training system, advice on how to handle differences in culture or how to adapt the reward system.
  • ​Study counseling
    ​​The study counselor helps you to find your way in Saxion and will also help you to make your study into a success.

  • Introduction to psychology
  • Learning at Saxion
  • International business and ethics
  • Basic communication skills (1, 2, 3)
  • Intercultural communication
  • Organizational psychology
  • Introduction to people and labour
  • Business economics
  • Group dynamics
  • Professional communication skills
  • Organizations and work design
  • Introduction to international HRM
  • International labour law
  • Job evaluation and reward systems
  • Introduction to human talent development
  • Project management
  • Research skills

More about the study structure

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Understanding human resource management

The emphasis during the second year of IHRM lies on understanding human resource management in relation to business disciplines and principles. You will also further develop your research and basic communication skills.

  • Strategic management and organizational structure
  • Operational HRM
  • Financial management
  • Intercultural communication skills 2
  • Organizational communication and culture
  • International HRM reward systems
  • Labour law 2
  • Group dynamics 2
  • Managerial processes and decision making
  • Making a business plan
  • Tactical HRM
  • Research skills 2

Practical quarter:

  • Recruitment
  • Business game
  • Training and education
  • Training in academic writing

​THE THIRD YEARPractice your skills

After gaining knowledge about IHRM during the first two years, you will apply what you have learned and practice your skills in labs. With other students you will analyze real HR problems that organizations face and develop innovative and practical solutions. You will also do a compulsory minor on human resource development.

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​THE FOURTH YEARInternship and thesis

During the fourth and final year of your studies you will do your internship and write your Bachelor thesis within an international organization. Most students spend a full year abroad.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

When you have graduated you hold a Bachelor of Arts degree. With this you can start your international career as a junior HR advisor or a specialist in the HR Department of an organization.

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