Career prospects

With a Bachelor of Science degree, you can enter a high-tech and innovative field. You will be at the heart of the Dutch manufacturing industry: Twente is one of the largest technical production regions in the Netherlands.

Careers for Mechanical Engineers

If you choose to study Mechanical Engineering, you are guaranteed to find a job quickly. There is a great demand for graduates with a background in mechanical engineering. Most graduates are already working or will be working shortly after graduation. Examples of typical professions in the field of Mechanical Engineering:


As a constructor you will create detailed 3D models of solutions to problems. You will also be responsible for calculations to verify the solution provided. Tools typically used are CAD drafting software such as SolidWorks and Solid Edge.

As a designer, you will be responsible for finding innovative solutions to technical challenges. You will be responsible for checking the feasibility of the design by providing and evaluating drawings and calculations.

As a developer you will be responsible for the design, development, and financial feasibility of engineering projects. You will translate customer requirements directly into a design concept. Based on this design concept, you will determine the feasibility, cost, and lead time of the project.

As a technical consultant, you will advise customers/companies on technical systems. This advice will cover the operation of the systems as well as their construction, commissioning, and maintenance.

As a project manager, you will oversee the delivery of complex engineering projects. You will monitor project progress and lead multidisciplinary project teams.

What kind of companies can you work for?

After graduation, there are several companies in the field of mechanical engineering where you can find a job, both large and small companies. Examples include VDL, Thales, DSM, Stork, Philips, etc. There are also many smaller (local) companies that focus on engineering. Many students also pursue their careers in engineering and project management companies such as VIRO or Tebodin. If you are more interested in research and development, you can find a job in research institutes such as KEMA or TNO.

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Job guarantee

Many students have a job offer immediately after graduation. Mechanical Engineering therefore has very good job prospects.

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Opportunities for further study

If you would like to continue your studies after graduation, there is the possibility of taking a Master's degree in Robotics Systems Engineering at Saxion. The University of Twente, the University of Delft and the University of Eindhoven also offer master programmes in Mechanical Engineering.

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