Career prospect

After completing your Mechatronics study you can go in all directions. For example, you can work at engineering firms, automation companies and machine factories, or in the semiconductor industry.

As mechatronic engineer, you design and improve products, systems and machines. You are the person that innovates, designs, builds and tests systems for the industry.


You look for new techniques and see how well they function in your product. You perform tests and improve existing systems to make them even better.

As a mechatronic engineer, you have the helicopter view needed to develop complete machines, from the first conversation with the customer to implementation on location. You manage the team and ensure that all actions are taken up within the planning. You devise the functions of the machine, determine how they can be performed and judge which method is best. Together with the customer you work towards a machine that can do what the customer needs.

Every system or machine consists of different parts. When developing a large system, the system or machine is often divided into small parts. Each part must then be designed separately. As a component designer, you take the total product into account and pay close attention to what the part will have to work with in the future.

As a system integrator, you take care of merging several smaller systems into one whole. This creates a larger and more complex machine. It is important that you connect things well mechanically, electrically and control-wise.

Everything that has been designed and developed must actually be made working. As a tester, you ensure that systems in the factory, but also on location, do what they are supposed to do. The core tasks of your profession are setting up, adjusting and making the machine work.

What kinds of companies can you work at?

After your Mechatronics study, you can work in the automotive and semiconductor industry, where, for example, devices are made that require chips and microprocessors. You are also valuable in healthcare, designing products or machines for rehabilitation and simple operations, for example. Finally, you can work at various mechatronics companies, such as Demcon, IMS, Norma, Viro Engineering and Thales.

Studenten Mechantronica hbo Saxion aan het werk in het Mechatronicalab

What are your chances of finding a job?

Mechatronics 91%
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 87%

Source:  Studie in Cijfers This data is based on a national comparison for the Dutch labor market and is accumulated over the years the study exists. Relatively new studies therefore have less or insufficient data to fully estimate job opportunities.

Further education

After obtaining your degree in Mechatronics hbo, there are several continuation studies possible. For example, you can choose BK5, a one-year course in Commercial-Technical Business Administration that you can follow at Saxion. You can also follow a master's program. University of Twente offers masters that fit well with the Mechatronics program: Embedded Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics or Biomedical Engineering.

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