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During the Tourism Management programme you will work on real life business cases and address and complete assignments that are directly related to issues and developments within the industry.

Short Degree

Saxion’s Short Degree Programme is a study programme consisting of 1-2 years. The duration of the Short Degree Programme for you personally is depending on work experience and relevant education at university/bachelor degree level (min. 3 years of higher education in a related educational programme). You have to have command of the English language at IELTS level 6.0 or higher, or passed an exam at a comparable level. More information on the requirements for a Short Degree can be found under the tab ‘requirements’.

The admission officer has been authorized by the Dean to establish the relationship of the foreign educational programme with the degree course and, on behalf of the Dean, advise the department DOS-ISO on permission to enroll in the main phase. Then there will be set up a study route for you.

High Year Enrolment

If you do not meet the requirements for this Short Degree Programme (so 1-2 years), you possibly will meet the requirements for the Higher Year Enrolment (this means that you will be enrolled in the mainphase of the study). You will be enrolled to a Higher Year if:

1. You have a certificate of the first-year examination of the relevant degree programme at Saxion, or

2. You have a certificate of the first-year examination of another degree programme at Saxion if the first-year examination is the same, or

3. proof of exemption of the requirements as described under sub 1 and 2 in the EER (Education and Examination Regulations)

The Dean can also decide to enroll a student to the mainphase if he or she does not meet the above mentioned requirements. In that case, the diploma that is gained is presented to the Examination Board. They will advise the dean about the possible study route.

In the information below you can find the content of all 4 study years HM or TM (when doing the full time bachelor Degree). However, as you can read above, your study route (when doing a Short Degree or Higher Year) is tailor made on your situation and depending on different factors. Therefore it is likely that you will not run through all 4 study years, but will only cover a part of them.

THE FIRST YEAR:Discover the world of tourism and leasure

This year is about laying the foundations by becoming acquainted with the tourist and recreational sector. You learn about the companies and trends in the tourism industry and really learn to see through the eyes of a tourist. You will also promote a tourist destination through digital marketing and learn how to add value and meaning to companies by applying responsible business practices.

Foreign languages & 30 EC abroad

In an international environment it is essential to master foreign languages. Besides English we also offer courses in Spanish, German, and French. Only Spanish starts at an elementary level. You are obliged to obtain at least 30 credits (one semester) abroad. This means that you have to study or work in a traineeship outside The Netherlands.

Study load

  • 35% Theory
  • 60% Practical and group work
  • 5% Study career counseling

The six pillars of Tourism Management

  • Personal coaching from lecturers
    ​We think personal contact and equal relationship between students and lecturers are very important. For this reason we treat students as individuals, and not one out of many. We will help you to focus on you talents and skills and how to develop these and implement during projects or internships.
  • Practically apply what you have learned
    ​We want you to be in touch with future employers as much as possible. You will therefore visit many companies, get guest lectures from professionals and solve current issues for clients in the field.
  • Solve actual issues
    Every quartile you will focus on one major tourism issue. To solve this, you need more than just expertise in tourism, but also knowledge about communication, business and research.
  • Get Ready for a Smart World!
    ​Tourism and technology are inextricably linked. Think of websites comparing airline tickets, apps serving as personal travel agents and customer service systems that generate automatic replies.
  • Traineeships across the world
    We have built up a large international network of companies that offer traineeships for Saxion students. Our network guarantees the quality of your traineeship in terms of learning opportunities. 
  • Working with international students and teachers
    You will be working closely with both students from different cultures and lecturers. Your lecturers will support you in developing knowledge and skills and will continuously challenge you.


  • The changing world of tourism
  • Understanding the tourist
  • Destination marketing
  • Value creation


  • Languages
  • Communication
  • Acting economically
  • Research
  • Personal development

More about the study structure

Would you like more information about the content, courses and tests of this program within the various years? Click on the button and view this training in the Saxion Course Catalog for detailed information.

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THE SECOND YEAR:Exploring the industry: projects and internship

The second year consists of a six month internship in the Netherlands or abroad and six months at school, where you will work on two large projects. You now apply, broaden and deepen the knowledge you have gained in the first year. You become acquainted with entrepreneurship and sustainable development.


  • SMART Tourism
  • Eventmanagement 
  • English *
  • (International) internship

*As from 2023, you will also follow German, French or Spanish classes.


  • Smart tech
  • Acting economically
  • Responsible descisionmaking

THE THIRD YEAR:Doing projects

You will work in smaller groups on issues raised by organizations in tourism, either in school or on site. These projects allow you to specialize in certain areas and to further develop your talents and professional profile. You can choose from different projects for various companies, whether you work from school, in the region or internationally.


  • Flourishing Destinations
  • Smart Solutions Semester 
  • English 


THE FOURTH YEAR:Minor and thesis

​During your minor you can either attend courses at a different institute of higher education in the Netherlands or abroad, do a preliminary course for a university master study or do another traineeship in which you focus on your management skills. The final semester is taken up by your thesis assignment.

Diploma: Bachelor of Arts

When you have graduated you hold a Bachelor of Arts degree.