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Conscious business (Exchange)

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    February, September

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  • Duration

    5 Months

In today’s world businesses tend to solely focus on the maximisation of profit as were it the only indicator for success. But is this true? Should the actual wellbeing of people not be the measure of things? And should responsibility for a sustainable planet not also be part of ‘success’? As believers in an ‘economy of meaning’ we feel that the impact on people and planet should be an integral part of what we call ‘success’.

This is an exchange programme from the International Business School.

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International Business School

Within the International Business School, we believe that today’s society is ready for a renewed consciousness of doing business. The International Business School is there for tomorrow’s international business.

You will find answers to

  • Who are you? And what is your Ikigai?
  • What determines the ‘identity’ of an organization?
  • Can an organization be both profitable and ‘conscious’ about people and planet at the same time?
international buisness school

  • Who are you? And what is your Ikigai?
  • What determines the ‘identity’ of an organisation?
  • How do you define the difference between fulfilling a need and serving an interest?
  • Can an organisation be both profitable and ‘conscious’ about people and planet at the same time?
  • How does the art of happiness relate to doing business?

If you are intrigued by these questions, please read on since it appears that you have what it takes to fully benefit from a conscious approach to business. An approach that is built on the fundamental idea that business should look beyond ‘just’ maximising profit, and employ their enormous potential for a better world by taking full responsibility for the impact they have on people and the environment. See how conscious business can truly awaken the potential within the economy by working towards a regenerative and inclusive world.

The exchange programme is focused on 4 core competences. As a conscious business professional you will learn to be (more):

  • Self-directing and self conscious
  • Critical, analytical and curious
  • Expressive, argumentative and convincing
  • Culturally and environmentally aware, responsible and unifying

The exchange programme is built around the following activities:

  • a full-day kick-off to get to know the others and learn about the outline of the minor
  • communication and debating sessions
  • excursions and visits to conscious businesses (to be)
  • coaching and evaluation meetings with your teachers 
  • presentations, live and or by using video

Deliverables: Your personal identity and view on conscious business, for example, will manifest itself in your own ‘Book of Life’ and essays.
Exams: Knowledge on theories and models related to Identity Marketing and Conscious Business will be tested in written and/or oral exams
Project – report and presentation: The presentation of your conscious business plan will be your chance to demonstrate what you learned and convince your principal to actually realize your advice on how to become a conscious business.


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