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Because modern professionals must engage in Global issues!

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    February, September

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    Deventer, Enschede

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    5 Months

Develop your knowledge, skills and attitude as a Global Citizen. The content of the modules of the minor Global Citizenship focuses on education, social work, health care and employment. During this Minor you are going to use your own professional perspective in an interprofessional setting. Work together with (inter)national students on a project connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Learn about different cultures and diversity and learn how to apply global citizenship in your own profession.

This is an exchange programme from the School of Education.
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New technologies and the ongoing processes of globalisation make it necessary to think afresh about the concepts of identity, diversity, nationality and citizenship and about the way we identify ourselves as professionals.

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Setup of the minor

This minor wants to facilitate students from different study programs to work together in a multidisciplinary team. We will combine the knowledge, insights and skills from these different (and international) backgrounds to create a dynamic and explorative environment to study Global Citizenship in the context of various practices, especially teaching and social work. We focus on the local communities and neighbourhoods; because that is where the global meets the local.

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Course content



Global Citizenship refers to the ability to engage in global issues on a local level and to enable people with different backgrounds to work together on goals related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

A global citizen can use knowledge and skills about Global Citizenship in his/her own profession. The practice-based, multi-disciplinary and intercultural (diversity) approach of the program (courses, research and practical activities) will ensure that Global Citizenship will become part of your personal and professional identity.

You will develop a project plan which is related to a problem regarding the SDG’s in cooperation with the Organization in which you will implement the project. So, doing this project will really make a change. You will work together in small groups with your fellow students. During the second half of the Minor, you will implement and evaluate your Project. This part takes place either in the Netherlands or abroad.

During the whole of the Minor you will work, supervised by a coach, on your professional and personal development as a Global Citizen. To be able to work on the above-mentioned parts of the Minor, background knowledge and skills are offered in classes covering subjects like:

  • Your challenge: “Learn to look and think beyond borders.”
  • International dimension: “Meet, work, interact and celebrate life with other students from all over Europe and beyond.”  

This minor facilitates students from different study programs to work together in a multidisciplinary team. We will combine knowledge, insights and skills from your diverse background to create a dynamic and explorative environment to study Global Citizenship in the context of various practices, especially Health Care, Education, Social Work and Employment.

In quarter one classes and excursions are organised concerning:

  • Global Citizenship in theory and practice
  • Working as a professional in local communities, health care and education
  • Intercultural communication, diversity competence
  • Migration and cultural diversity
  • National identity – transnational identity
  • Cultural awareness and diversity
  • Ethics and moral diversity
  • (Anti) Radicalization

In quarter one you will work on your project during the classes of the Global Citizenship in Practice (GCIP). You will execute and evaluate your project during quarter two.

During the whole minor a coach will guide you regarding professional and personal development. 

This minor consists of 30 ECTs divided into four assessments.

The Project

  1. Project Report / Presentation (15 ECTs)
    The project assessment is a group assignment which consists of a project plan, implementation and an impact assessment (Evaluation Report) engaging the issues regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in an organization in the Netherlands or abroad.

Personal and Professional Development

  1. Personal Professional Learning Goals (5 ECTs)
    In quarter one you formulate your (SMART) Personal and Professional Learning Goals and plan of approach. At the end of the first and second quarter you describe the progress you have made concerning your goals.
  2. Essay (5 ECTs)
    In quarter one you will write an essay about your development as a Global Citizen. In this essay you describe your meaningful experiences: content of classes, assignments and activities. You answer the question: ‘Who am I as a global citizen?’
  3. Final Assessment (5 ECTs)
    In the final assessment, you will present and discuss your Personal and Professional learning outcomes regarding this minor.


This minor is open for all minor students, both national and international, in particular with an interest in Health Care, Education, Social Work and Employment. The language in the minor is English. 


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