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Improve your Business with Data

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    February, September

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    5 Months

Data is generated everywhere and is big business. When all devices are connected and the real world becomes digital there is a huge amount of data that is stored by organizations and people. Personal data (biometric), data about sales and marketing, the weather, finance or data about real world shopping behavior.

This is an exchange programme from the School of Creative Technology. Good to know: in February the classes will take place at our location in Enschede. In September they will be in Deventer.
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Data usage

That data is stored in warehouses but has no value when it is not properly combined, filtered or processed to make it usable and visible for humans.

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Improving businesses

This course aims to understand the process of gathering data, unlock data sets, analyze data and information and visualize this into meaningful information in order to create new value for your business.

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The exchange program ‘Improve your business with data’ is offered in both semesters. Each semester consists of three courses of 5 ects (Data acquisition, Data analysis & Data visualization) and 1 project of 15 ects.

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Course content



The first course will provide you with insight in data and the process of data acquisition  and acquisition to transform data into information. You will start with an overall view of data classification and information architecture. After that you will you will work with  relational and non-relational databases and data warehousing and design and implement the collection of data using an ETL -process (ETL=Extraction, Transformation, Loading).

The second course focusses on data analysis. You will learn to make statistic calculations and use predictive techniques while using a variety of  tools and simulation models. You will be able to find trends and patterns in data and reflect on the meaning and value of your data in order to add value to your business.

In the third course you will learn to present abstract information to your stakeholders. We will work on all kind of visualization technics and tools (Tableau, Cliq sense, Power BI). With smart data visualizations you will be able to create insight for your clients and add value to their business.

Students will execute a project assignment in a team and write a research paper within the field of Data Driven Business for an organization or company. With this assignment students will prove they are competent and that they can apply their knowledge in a new and innovative (research) project. Various assignments from private and public organizations will be available to students for application of knowledge and skills they have acquired. Usefulness of results of these projects to consumers or citizens will be essential.

Don't forget to check the requirements for this exchange program. For more information on requirements and the intake assessment contact Margriet de Vos (

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Your student life in the city of Deventer

Hanseatic city, Koekstad, Boekenstad, but of course the most important: student city. The narrow streets with nice boutiques and the Brink make Deventer very cozy. It is a city where you are quickly known, but where there is always something new to discover.
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