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How to create killer content

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    February, September

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    5 Months

In "How to Create Killer Content" you learn to strategically use content marketing. This course covers all the tools you need to create engaging content and establish long lasting customer relations. “We used to think we needed data and technologies to convince our target group. But, nowadays it’s is all about storytelling. So, create your story!”

This is an exchange programme from the School of Creative Technology.
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How to engage

We will teach you how to how to create a concept for a company which will have great impact on their target group. Combine this with your creativity, your look at world and you will find new angles for a concept!

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Building your career

Being a successful storyteller on different media platforms is a dream of many young professionals. This programme will help you developing content which will touch your target group.

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During your studies

In this exchange programme you’ll analyze international concepts such as marketing campaigns of Nike, Adidas and other media hits. You’ll learn how to recognize trends in society and you’ll learn how to find and use your creativity to create through concept thinking your own concept. It’s your professional effort and craftsmanship to make sure your concept is suited for the correct target group segment. Lecturers will help you to develop your skills and attitude in order to become an effective professional. 

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Course content



The exchange program “How to Create Killer Content?” supplies all courses needed to create your own brilliant customer activation strategy. How can you create a concept for a company which will have a great impact to their target group? That means that you need to dive deep into their world. Both, company and target group. Combine this with your creativity, your look at the society and you will have new angles for a concept.

We start with developing your talent, ambition and creativity. Adding knowledge and skills is the next step: Concept thinking, marketing communications and storytelling. And then, when you do have a brilliant concept it’s time to build it! Courses like Photoshop, Creative writing, Video recording and editing will be part of this exchange programme. All key components of this program. During the program you will work as a young professional for actual companies that need inspiring and thoroughly designed content for their target group. In the first part of the exchange programme you are going to develop a concept in a small team, in the second part you will develop your own concept. You will be graded with the help of various assessments with a total of 6 x 5 ECTS.


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