Bachelor in Game Engineering

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorGaming
Course duration4 years (part of Creative Media & Game Technologies)
Starting dateSeptember 2018
DegreeBachelor of Science
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,060
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

Please note: it’s not possible to apply for the study route Game Engineering separately anymore.

As from 1 September 2018, Game Engineering will not be offered as a separate programme. The study route is now part of the study programme Creative Media and Game Technologies.

The Creative Media and Game Technologies degree programme

Are you interested in studying Game Engineering? This is now part of the programme Creative Media and Game Technologies (CMGT). This study programme offers you the possibility to learn everything about both game technologies and creative media, from an engineering point of view – completely based on your preference and skills.

Determine your own study path

During the first academic year, you get a chance to experience with several roles, which are artist, designer and engineer. You will make a provisional choice for a role that seems to suits you best, in your case this could be for example a game engineer or media engineer (programmer). After the first year you will choose a definitive role which could be focusing more on interactive solutions in general or games more specifically.

“We are pushing the boundaries of reality”

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