Starters Information

We look forward to welcoming you to the School of Finance and Accounting of Saxion University of Applied Sciences. You have chosen to study the International Finance and Accounting Short Degree Programme (IFAS). This means that for a period of one/two years or one semester (exchange students) you will be studying in an international class and experience what higher education in the Netherlands is all about!

Classes will start on Monday the 2nd of September. 

Every academic year modules are taught over a period of approximately ten months. Each module is awarded a number of points, or credits (ECTS), according to the workload of that particular subject. Lecturers and guest-speakers lecture each module in English. On average each week will comprise of around 15 hours of lectures spread over three or four days. Contact hours are spend at school. The remaining part of the week will be spent on the completion of assignments and homework.  

Class schedules will be explained on Friday August 30th of August during the introduction. 

The booklist for your study will be handed out during the introduction on Friday August 30, 2019.

We expect all students to attend the IFAS introduction programme. Participation in the HOI is not mandatory. 

HOI Introduction - Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of August 
On Wednesday 28th of Augustus the Saxion HOI introduction starts. This introduction is for every first year student from Saxion and it is not mandatory. The HOI introduction is a great opportunity to get to know the city, the student life and to meet students from other studies. More information about this can be found on the HOI website

This introduction is highly recommended! Don’t forget to register on Monday or Tuesday. 

IFAS introduction - Friday August 30th at 9:00 H at Saxion Deventer  

We will meet in room B1.02. The introduction programme is compulsory and ends around 17:30 H. Do not forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat, because part of the programme takes place outside. Lunch is provided for.  





Wednesday August 28 + Thursday August 29, 2019


HOI days - optional


Friday August 30, 2019 - COMPULSORY


Intake International Office




  • Miranda Bens – the Netherlands
  • Dennis Vossen – Saxion & programme
  • Break
  • Get to know each other game
  • Photos for class list
  • Saxion tour



Walk to restaurant Ot & Sien

Brink 64


Pancakes @ Ot & Sien

Brink 64


Photo game @ city centre

City centre


Drinks & snacks @ surprise location


Before you start... 
During your study you will use MySaxion; your online portal to all the important Saxion communication channels and information about your programme. Don't forget to set your profile.  Username:, password: same as in the application portal. 

Study career counsellor 
Each class is assigned a study career counsellor. She will play a central role in introducing you to your new life at Saxion. For questions about tuition fees, visa, housing, insurance, health matters, etc. you should contact the International Student Registration or International Office staff-members. 

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us: 

We hope you enjoy your time in the Netherlands and take advantage of the many opportunities that exist to complement your studies with other activities.