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Welcome to the Saxion International Physiotherapy School! You are soon entering a new great academic year at Saxion University, and what is better to begin the year with a kick-start? We hereby invite you to the introduction week 2019; a week full of fun activities to get to know each other and the city of Enschede. This year introduction week will start on Saturday 24th of August, and end 30th of August. The introduction is organized by different parties: 1. physiotherapy student union Tabula Rasa, 2. Saxion school of Health First Day at the Academy and 3. Saxion student association (HOI week). You are free to join all activities that are offered during the first introduction week. Please bear in mind that costs for participation are involved.

Your booklist can be found at the website of Studystore. With an online order you will receive a discount of 10% on all titles of non-Dutch suppliers. For other discounts and the exact conditions we refer to the website of Studystore. When you encounter difficulties while ordering your books, please contact the customer service of Studystore.

Introduction Camp (Saturday 24.08 - Monday morning 26.08)
The Tabula Rasa camp is intended only for Dutch and international Physiotherapy and Podiatry students. The introduction camp has been a tradition for many years and promises to be a big party again this year. During this weekend you will not be bored, because there is a varied program and lots of fun activities waiting. Curious about what we are going to do? Join us!! It’ll be a fun and enjoyable weekend where you will get to know your fellow students and teachers better. Please follow this link for all information about the camp and a link to a registration form. Costs for participation at this introduction camp: EURO 50,-. 

Your first day at the academy (Tuesday 27.08) 
During this day all systems and education structure of our physiotherapy program will be introduced. A valuable day where you will meet your teachers and visit the facilities where lectures and practical lessons will be held. But this is also the first day for you as a class. Be sure you don’t miss it!

Time Activity
8.45 a.m. We would like to welcome you on the square in front of the main entrance of Saxion in Enschede (the city campus building: there is a reception desk where you can ask where to go)
9.00 a.m. Opening by the School of Health’s management and a Meet & Greet with the teachers
9.45 a.m. General introduction and meeting in groups, including a tour of Saxion.

HOI Week (28.08-30.08)
If you haven’t seen enough parties already, you can also join the Saxion introduction activities and join all international students who are studying at Saxion as from September next. More information and registration.

If you have any questions about you registration, visa, etc.? 

Please e-mail to: